Merry Morning Light, Cheerful Curated Cool

· By Brian Hahne

Merry Morning Light, Cheerful Curated Cool

Hey everyone! First let me thank each and every single person who has supported us at Curation Records this past year. Today, as we worked diligently to get orders fulfilled, I looked at the piles of albums, cds, and shirts that surrounded me... with the inkjet printer spitting out labels to my right... In front of me sat the 20th Anniversary Beachwood Sparks album, and I took a moment to think about how supremely blessed we are to have such amazing fans. I might not have ever imagined, 20 years ago, that I would be here today fulfilling so many orders for my own label, but in this moment, I can't imagine myself wanting to be anywhere else. Thank you all! Sincerely!

So let's take a quick LA minute to let me share not only some fun things going on, but some ways that we can help you buy some great last minute holiday gifts, and save some money doing it!

Today, the single for Morning Light, off of the Beachwood Deluxe cd was released. If you ordered a cd or Deluxe LP bundle, the track will land in your email shortly. The video is available on YouTube, and here on our site on the homepage. Don't forget that the full digital of the CD comes out this Friday! So lots of music is at the door. We still have some Beachwood colored vinyl left, and we will do our best to fulfill them as fast as we can.

Last week we released the reproduction Beachwood Sparks horse head sweatshirt. My friend and yours, Neal, loved this shirt. We're so happy to bring it back to you and have been humbled by the demand for them. Soon, we'll have some t-shirts too! So keep an eye out.

Looking for last minute music? We have a small handful of Farmer Dave LP's left, before they're sold out, and of course we've got the new amazing LP from Trevor Beld Jimenez and don't forget that rainbow Pacific Range pressing!!

Now.. for the fun stuff...Here's three great ways to save money right now in our store. We've got some specials going, so follow along here with me, I'll guide you through it.

1) Trevor's album is out, but he also released a Christmas song! That's right! It's available for just 99 cents in high quality WAV or FLAC! Here's the savings though - if you buy the digital track, you can get any Curation Records branded item (shirt, sweatshirt, etc) for 40% off!!!! Yep! Just buy the items at the SAME time... and the discount will automatically appear on your purchase in your cart!! So be strategic, get some gear, get some tracks, get some discounts. Get it?

2) Clearance items! We've got some low low stock, reduced priced stuff that is closing out, never to be made again. Check it out! See something with a Curation label? You just might be able to get a further reduction! (hint: See #1 above!)

3) Really want to get something special for a friend or family member, but just not sure what to get? Grab a digital gift card! Now available in the store.

I have got to get back to wrapping up albums, cd's and shirts. We really see the need for some helpful elves right about now but since the dogs won't assist, we're on our own. And so, I'm out... back to work.

Thank you again for the amazing support. I look forward to seeing you all again one day soon on the road. Until then, stay safe, stay healthy.



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