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California has always stood tall, visible from every peak and accessible from basements and backseats everywhere that hope, hurt and harmony exists within. A chrome, sunburned paragon of cool where pushers, poets and pretenders of sound are called to first test themselves before traversing the coastal communes, hills and highways with their musical wares.  From Bakersfield to Berkeley, Hermosa Beach to Humbolt all roads would eventually lead to Hollywood. The country ghosts of the Palomino and the punk ethos of the Masque stood together, electrified and psychedelicized in an all out assault on the poetic conventions and norms of the times. 

-- California Curated Cool, Curation Records.


  1. All In My Head (6978418966610)
  2. All In My Head (6978418966610)

Eric Silverman

All In My Head

All In My Head is a kaleidoscopic cruise across the cerebellum. Featuring Moog mastery from synth wizard Adam MacDougall (Circles Around The Sun, Black Crowes), Eric guides All In My Head through a twisting journey of the mind. “
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Sean Thompson's Weird Ears - Limited Bundle

Sean Thompson's Weird Ears - Limited Bundle (6925796147282)

Sean Thompson's Weird Ears

Sean Thompson's Weird Ears - Limited Bundle

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