Behind the moniker elkyn stands Leeds, UK scintillating singer-songwriter Joseph Donnelly. Intricately  plucked guitar riffs meet introspective lyricism as this “lonely folk” artist invites you inside his  deepest thoughts and fears through beautiful storytelling. elkyn has announced his debut album ‘holy spirit social club’ which is set for release via Curation Records on 18th March 2022, ‘holy spirit social club’ sees elkyn aka Joey Donnelly put his uncensored inner dialogue on paper, bravely airing the thoughts most wouldn’t dare expose. Whether that’s hurtful messages to one’s self, vague and elusive memories or lingering lessons from childhood, it’s all here on ‘holy spirit social club’, unfiltered and searingly honest. 

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  1. Holy Spirit Social Club (6765175504978)
  2. Holy Spirit Social Club - Vinyl (6765175504978)
  3. Holy Spirit Social Club - Vinyl (6765175504978)


Holy Spirit Social Club - Vinyl

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