Curation Is Ready To Jam Into 2021!

· By Brent Rademaker

Curation Is Ready To Jam Into 2021!

The name Curation Records came about from the concept of "curating" the best of what we had in our own family or own "scene" if you will...all of the records and artists have a close connection to me and it's been so cool sharing them with the world.
For our first release of 2021, we hand-picked songs from Kellie & Matt's treasured and comprehensive 45rpm collection of "Glam-Rock/Bubble Gum/Bubble Glam or "Junkshop Glam" (as it's been called). After the very cathartic and somewhat arduous process of writing and recording Let It Burn, and the dark aftermath that ultimately ended with a year of lock-down, starting the label and spinning these singles began to lift our spirits. Through a series of harmonizing events where these five songs began popping up and raising our spirits and making us dance, we decided to record them, release them, and try to share that good feeling with the world. This is something that seems to be needed these days. What better way to start out in 2021 with COLOR and HAND-CLAPPIN' FOOT STOMPIN' BOOGIE? The message is clear DO UNTO OTHERS and have FUN while you're at it! 
We even reunited the rhythm section from our dear Neal Casal's early solo albums to keep it all in the family...yes the very talented and world-renowned players Bob Glaub (Bass) & Don Heffington (Drums) lent their extremely sharp session skills to these recordings. For the difficult task of the harmonies that range from the sunshine SOCAL to the Detroit R&B soul sound, it was Nelson Bragg once again stepping up to the plate to knock it out of the park just as the LA Dodgers were taking home the World Series title...the Curation family came down to add the hand claps and what we completed, all under the watchful ears and eyes of Jonny Niemann was a punchy and warm California version of these criminally overlooked classic tunes...Each one shoulda been a number 1. We didn't wanna step on any toes by trying to recreate the magical sound of these singles, yet we did want to honor their spirit and the absolute brilliance of the craft in the writing, performing, and recording... so please seek out the originals but in the meantime get your JAM JAM on with GospelbeacH!
LOVE, B_RAD New Years Day 2021 
5 Song E.P. featuring covers from the late 60s/70s Bubble Gum- Glam-lost classics.
Produced by Jonny Nieman at Mono Deluxe Los Feliz, CA
Brent Rademaker - Guitar/Vocals
Jonny Niemann - Keyboards/Guitar
featuring the rhythm section of Bob Glaub & Don Heffington Bass/Drums
Harmonies by Nelson Bragg from the Brian Wilson/Beach Boys Band

1. Loving You Ain't Easy (M. Pagliaro) 1971 Michel Pagliaro
2. Jam Jam (Evans) 1974 The American Jam Band
3. Gimme Gimme Good Lovin' (Joey Levine, Ritchie Cordell) 1969 Crazy Elephant
4. Albatross Baby (I. King) 1973 Chunky
5. Do Unto Others (Keith Colley, Sandy Salisbury) 1969 Sandy Salisbury
(Expected to ship during the first week of March.)
Color Die Cut sticker 5"
Newsprint Poster full-color poster 16" X 22.5"
RED VINYL  - Limited to 100 copies (Hand Numbered)
CD - WILL INCLUDE the bonus of ONCE UPON A TIME IN LONDON - Live At The Betsey Trotwood 
In the coming weeks, the items will all be available individually. There will also be a black vinyl version of the EP available. This exclusive Curation offering is available now, and limited to 100 hand numbered copies.

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  • Love Gospelbeach and the song albatross baby a ture classic glam song

    Andreas Wunderlin on

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