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Uni Boys

Uni Boys graduated with the highest of power pop honors with their 2022 album ”Do It All Next Week” and now they are back with their the follow-up ”Buy This Now!” The album was produced and engineered by Brian and Michael D’Addario of The Lemon Twigs at their studio in the East Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn. The album is full of songs of love and loneliness in the modern world using jangly new wave glory guitars and west coast classic pop melodies. Beach Boys harmonies & a myriad of keyboards were added to the Uni Boys Power-Pop and Rock’n’Roll path giving Buy This Now! a fresh new slant.

With ”Buy This Now!” Uni Boys are ready to take on the rest of the world with their unique yet distinctive brand of rock’n’roll and power pop. It’s the greatness that they’ve been destined for all along with all the glory of amazing songwriting, undeniable hooks, irresistible pop charm and honest rock’n’roll.

 "Power pop wonder kids the Uni Boys were spawned in the middle-class suburban wasteland of Aliso Viejo, California where the band's two songwriters and guitarists, Noah Nash and Reza Martin bonded as teenagers over their shared love of vintage '60s and '70s rock 'n' roll. Joined by bass player Michael Cipolletti and drummer Arthur Fitch, they soon made a name for themselves as the most exciting power pop group to kiss the scene since the heyday of Milk 'N' Cookies and the Quick." - Mike Stax, Ugly Things

“Uni Boys treat listeners to some of the most note-perfect ‘70s/’80s-influenced power pop in recent memory” - The Big Takeover

“Over the course of a dozen songs, the band display a deep working knowledge of how to wring all the teenage feels, sunbaked hooks, and goosebump choruses out of a few chords, some ringing arpeggios, a little attitude, and alternately sneering and crooning vocals” - AllMusic

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  1. Buy This Now! - Vinyl (7147511447634)
  2. Buy This Now! - Vinyl (7147511447634)

Uni Boys

Buy This Now! - Vinyl

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