Sprouting from the middle-class suburban wasteland of Aliso Viejo, CA, the boys confused by the futility of their daily lives began to envelop their day-to-day routine with the study and discovery of new music — primarily Rock ‘n’ Roll. Forming at the age of 15, they battled with establishing a sound. When faced with this challenge, they decided to combine all their favorite aspects of Rock ‘n’ Roll. 

Now in their early 20’s, and teamed up with Curation Records, Uni Boys are set to follow up their two brilliant self-released digital LPs "Rock and Roll Music" & "Heavy Hearted" w/ UNIVERSITY BOYS a third full-length. Kicking off with the single "Long Time No See" b/w "Rock N Roll Dream" (non-LP B-side)  Continuing to celebrate the simplicity of a three-minute pop song, yet intrigued by the avant-garde side of rock ‘n’ roll, the boys blend their visions to the best of their ability.

Latest Release

  1. Long Time No See - 7" Single (6688828719186)
  2. Long Time No See - 7" Single (6688828719186)

Uni Boys

Uni Boys - Long Time No See - 7" Single

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