Life Is Worth Much More Than Gold

· By Brent Rademaker

Life Is Worth Much More Than Gold

Hello friends,
Just a quick note, yesterday was the release day of the GospelbeacH Jam Jam EP and I want to say THANK YOU for all the loving support from everyone who preordered a bundle or vinyl, and to the rest of the Curation customers too!! This record is really important to me as it’s my first for Curation Records. Unfortunately that means that while striving to bring you vinyl pressings of premium quality that actually sound like the classic vinyl records I grew up listening to, we have had to reject TWO test pressings and have all new parts made (lacquers/stampers/mothers).
Simultaneously, the “lacquer shortage” that we knew was coming, combined with Covid related shipping delays has created a bummer of a perfect storm.  Unfortunately we have been forced to push back the vinyl shipping date even further...
You should’ve received your digital in your inbox and if you’d like your CD portion of the bundle shipped early to you just email me, ok?
This same “lacquer shortage” is putting a slow down on the new Curation pressing of the FDWOW vinyl too. It shouldn’t be too much longer and both records will be WORTH IT and that’s a promise. 
In the meantime, keep the good vibes flying high and be SAFE and keep others safe around you...your support has meant absolutely EVERYTHING to me and the Curation Records family and Artists 
Keep on JAMMIN’!
Love, brent 
PS look for the new GospelbeacH video for Gimme Gimme Good Lovin’ on our YouTube channel and check out the new Beachwood Sparks sweatshirts in the store , they're rad!


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