Called By The Sirens And Followed By An Albatross

· By Brent Rademaker

Called By The Sirens And Followed By An Albatross

Long Long Time At Sea
Hello friends, Are we all ready for some good time rock n roll?
...maybe a little BOOGIE? Something to beat the blues of this hard last year and remind us why we all love music? Albatross Baby from the JAM JAM EP by GospelbeacH is HERE!
Albatross Baby Video
 I think it's safe to say if you're a friend of Curation Records then MUSIC is important to you and it's one of the beautiful things in life that GIVES SO MUCH and asks very little in wants to be shared with friends...passed down to future wants to be listened too from time to time, whether it's breaking out the dusty cassette player and taping some broken tape together to hear your favorite mixtape from a special time, or playing that holy grail pristine A++++ mint vinyl record store find even though you may have 5 copies of Notorious Byrd Brothers (yes, I do) or clicking that lonely SoundCloud link of your friend's album that you haven't got around to listening to yet (click that link-don't just hit "LIKE"). 
        MUSIC GIVES - MUSIC CARES a lot of us find happiness in sad songs because they reflect the healing or the loving feeling that we are mourning the loss of. But for my money, NOTHING beats that upbeat tune that raises the hairs, the goosebumps THE's like climbing into a TIME MACHINE and tapping into that feeling of your first dance or your first kiss or your first concert or your first KISS CONCERT (yes, my first concert 1976...don't bother counting the years)
       That is part of the spirit of our new GospelbeacH covers EP JAM JAM - We choose songs that perhaps your hearing for the first time but sound so timeless that they shoulda all been #1's - We will share more about the recording and the musicians but for today THIS FRIDAY MARCH 5TH 2021 LETS ALL CLAP our hands and STOMP our feet..."It's been a long, long time at sea..."  with all my heart and on behalf of the whole CURATION FAMILY we THANK YOU and wish you LOVE,
In other Curation news: We had an issue with the first pressing of the vinyl of the JAM JAM EP / we had planned on having the LIMITED NUMBERED BUNDLES ready to ship by now but that's sadly out of our control THE GOOD NEWS we still plan on shipping before April 15th -the international release date maybe even before the end of the month....fingers crossd AND we will SHARE THE DIGITAL VERSION WITH YOU FIRST -  ON THE 19th of THIS MONTH - Standalone JAM JAM CD's will ship out next week! so there is some good news. the support and love that you have shown us will be rewarded in the upcoming weeks....we've got a NEW SINGLE from Trevor Beld Jimenez "Get Ready To Fly" with a cool new animated video by Cyril Pooley Jean, the dude who made the High Upon The Mountain video...The George IS Lord album is finally finished (featuring Sam from Mapache) and the first single WAH WAH will be announced soon...we just teamed up with a brand new band from Laguna Beach... the UNI BOYS!! this young band is so rad and write killer tunes and they wanna ROCK YOU! 
The Farmer Dave and the Wizards of the West BUNDLES have once again been UPGRADED from Turquoise Dreams colored vinyl to Spinroad SILVER DREAMS with a NEW CLASSIC BLACK vinyl option (we realized we already issued Pac Range on Turquoise so by overwhelming request we found a SILVER old-style heavy card jackets..they'll be well worth the wait!! and finally, the Beachwood Sparks autographed CALIFORNIA GOLD 180 gram vinyl bundles go on sale next week, and will start shipping right away -NO PREORDERS...NO WAITING...we do appreciate your patience, we are certainly not out of the Covid woods yet, just ask our manufacturers, distributors, record store friends and most of all TOURING BANDS...I did hear a rumor of an upcoming Pacific Range live show announcement as well as GospelbeacH and George If Lord performing at a Big Sur festival in September...oh yeah...LOS HERMANOS COSMICO live LP is coming...but until then everyone please BE SAFE, BE HAPPY and KEEP THE LOVE in your HEARTS but SHARE IT when ya can, B_RAD

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  • I’ve been dying for that los hermanos LP! Can’t wait. Thank you!!

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