You Are On My Lovin Mind!!

· By Brian Hahne

You Are On My Lovin Mind!!

Give me love, give me love, give me PEACE ON EARTH…That’s not a bad thing to ask for… but it's a shame that we're still asking for it since we asked in our last blog post! In this crazy world - Curation Records hopes to brighten your day, brighten the world, and then MAYBE we can achieve that peace we desire!

George Is Lord’s tribute to the beautiful soul who wrote those words is out today 3/25, streaming and shipping (you may have already received your vinyl/CD) of MY SWEET GEORGE. We have a small number of vinyl and CDs still in the shop (as I write this) nearly SOLD OUT! The record is special in many ways, not the least of which is the rare appearance of the Pacific Range's smooth singer and guitar shredder Seamus Turner, Mapache's Sam Blasucci and Dean Wareham from Luna/ Galaxie 500. It was so sweet to see Olivia Harrison share George Is Lord's music with her friends online and it means even more to have the support from YOU, so thank you. It’s a success all around and we couldn’t be more thrilled for Anna P. and the band. The message of love and peace that George shared lives on!

Speaking of being “thrilled” --the new UNI BOYS Double A-Side Single Hypocrite/ On Your Lovin Mind’ & the videos are a BIG hit! You can download them now at the shop! **We have a super limited lathe cut 7” to commemorate the single - preorder here now first for our Curation family… It’s just a taste of what’s coming from their "Do It All Next Week" full-length debut for Curation…Check out the videos here too. They are really fun tributes to the pre-MTV rock and roll public access shows.


Reflecting back on our very first release, High Upon The Mountain, we have a new Curation Records “Seal Team” tee shirt - you might recognize the art by Pups In Trouble (Brian Blomerth) who illustrated the Pacific Range album so wonderfully and colorfully. These are a limited run and printed on EC1000 Econscious Unisex 100% Organic Cotton Classic Short-Sleeve T-Shirts (natural)

Our KELLIE20 campaign isn’t quite over yet as we are planning one more item (t-shirt) to celebrate the life and sweet spirit of “our friend Kellie” she was more than a friend she was the guiding force behind the label and she is missed dearly…Kellie was sitting right next to me when we finished writing the new GospelbeacH single “It’s Too Late” she cried and smiled at the same time and we are happy that the song is coming out on 4/1 as a steaming digital single …thank you

One more thing...You can now LEAVE REVIEWS on our products in our shop..."it really helps", the way Chocolate helps you feel better after a visit from the Dementors, so please, only good vibes, no Dementors... take it from Professor Lupine... leave a review on a product you've bought, you'll feel a whole lot better!

We ALL would like to thank you for the love and support that you have shared with us... keep on sending messages of love, we are always open to hear new music (thank you for all the submissions) look for a few of them to come out very soon... 

**By popular demand, have updated the styles and sizes on Curation branded merch so to celebrate Spring we are having a 20% off sale of most of our branded merch in the shop. lots California Curated Cool looks for Springtime.please use SPRING22 discount code when checking out.


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