Give Me Love, Give Me Peace On Earth

· By Brian Hahne

Give Me Love, Give Me Peace On Earth

Hey Curation Nation -

It's been a while since we've written, as we have been trying to find our footing these past few weeks. We sincerely want to thank you all; to everyone who sent their condolences, wishes, support and love as we dealt with the sudden loss of our friend. Your support meant so much and we cannot thank you enough! 

We started Curation in 2019 with Neal's light just in our rearview mirror, but with his spirit in our hearts we journeyed on. As we now stand again, ready to journey into March 2022, we are so excited to bring you some of the new musical magic we've been curating. 

Tonight at 12:01am (2/25/2022) we are putting the George Is Lord vinyl, CD and digital album out for pre-order. We've also created a limited (qty 40) bundle of the CD, Vinyl and a poster. That's right! Order the bundle and get the first 3 digital singles, delivered immediately to you!

We also added several new shirts and hoodies to the store. 

Over the past 2 weeks I went to a few concerts, and saw so many of you out at the shows! To be back out on the road, dancing with friends, hugging people I've known for years even if only online until now... it's the reason we do this. We're so excited for all the things we have planned, so much great music, so many cool surprises in store...

Let's close this note though, with some thoughts of hope. As war rages tonight in eastern Europe, let's all pray together for peace, love and understanding. May cooler heads prevail and may we remember we're all in this together. 

On behalf of everyone at Curation :  We love you all!!! Thank you all for everything you've done to support us, let's all remember to keep supporting each other!



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