Welcome to Curation Records!

· By Brent Rademaker

Welcome to Curation Records!

Hi folks,
I am thrilled to personally welcome you to our Curation Records site.  (work in progress)
We are gonna ease into this starting with some choice items curated especially for you.
It's been positively overwhelming to see y'all following the progress of Curation.
Thank you so much!!
Looking to the horizon I can tell you that the label is about so much more than just selling records and merchandise and this is by no means a one man show...it's a community of friends, some of whom have been together over 30 years grooving to the same records, going to the same shows and sharing our California experiences.
Oh, you might be wondering "where's the music?"
Well, that'll give me something to write about in newsletter 2...in other words stayed tuned for news on Curation Records from Pacific Range and many more. 
peace and love,
Hollywood Hills, CA November 2019


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