The Three Curation Years

· By Brent Rademaker

The Three Curation Years

Hello good friends of Curation…Here comes our third year!!
A quick look back has us feeling very grateful for all of the support & great music from some very special folks out there…including you!

Having started the label concurrent with some of the most challenging times in our lifetime, many folks offered up words of sympathy and concern but we actually have felt just the opposite… we can’t imagine what these last two years would’ve been like without Curation Records and the music, people and LOVE it brings into our lives!!
We hope it’s been the same for you, so THANK YOU for being here!!

With love and thanks from:
Brent, Kellie, Matt, Brian, Kim, Michael and the whole Curation Station family!

Here’s what’s exciting & NEW

Triptides - So Many Days single and 4-song Vinyl EP (12”)
Order NOW and receive the complete 4-song EP download exclusively for our friends before it’s out worldwide on 10/8
“Triptides’ new single ’So Many Days’ is the kind of laid back groover that is perfect for passing joints on a sunny day. The band does a fine job of mixing cosmic country with power pop and folk-rock to make for a supremely enjoyable track.” – Neil Ferguson, GLIDE MAGAZINE

Check it out here on our YouTube Channel:

Our third year will bring out these releases :

Uni Boys LP
Those Pretty Wrongs 2XLP reissue and new studio LP
George Is Lord - My Sweet George LP
Farmer Dave & the Wizards of the West - Second Summer LP
Sean Thomson - Sean’s Weird Ears LP
Tan Cologne / Earl Vallie Sound Mirage From a Desert Community Dispatch 7”
Elkyn Holy Spirit Social Club Vinyl LP
Ryan Baine Morning Flight Vinyl issue
And more surprises…



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