Observe The Masses, And Do The Opposite

· By Brent Rademaker

Observe The Masses, And Do The Opposite

Hey everyone, it's us! Those crazy guys at Curation Records who live to love. Loving music, friends, family, and bringing you exciting late night news.

The phrase "Observe the Masses, and Do the Opposite" is said in a lot of different circles. It struck me today because it's something I remember James Caan once said. James passed today, and while so many people remember him from The Godfather, to me he'll always be the dad of Buddy the Elf.
Where am I going with this?

We do things different. Different than other record labels, different than the masses, and certainly different than some folks think we should.. no, this isn't about pouring syrup on spaghetti. This is about sending out late Friday night emails about amazing record releases, live music shows, and long overdue merchandise! So let's get right to it!

TRIPTIDES! It's HERE!! The new release SO MANY DAYS is in the store and available for order, with advanced vinyl shipping! That's right the CD and digital albums can be pre-ordered now, and they will ship on 7/29/2022. You are going to want this sooner though! The vinyl is here, and we are going to be shipping ALL vinyl orders immediately! The vinyl reserve bundles (pre-orders) from earlier in the spring have all been shipped, so THANK YOU if you got one of those! You'll have it soon!
Did I mention that the vinyl shipping now includes the digital version? It does. You won't get it until 7/29... but you'll get it! The CD includes a bonus track not available on digital, nor on vinyl! Yeah, This is a release you DO NOT want to miss in any of it's formats.

Also out, the new 2 song 7" vinyl SOUND MIRAGE FROM A DESERT COMMUNITY DISPATCH. This release from Tan Cologne / Earl Vallie includes a fold out poster, and we're super excited about it. Check out the music here, we know you're gonna love it!!

LADIES!!! As you get ready to start kicking some serious ass this summer because of the enhanced crazy being rolled out across the country, we've got you covered. Whether you're at the beach, gym, work, or even just chilling out at a concert.. take it to the NEXT LEVEL with a new Curation Records Racerback tank. Yeah, no crap on tap here!!! These are Next Level branded tanks, in a variety of colors, and 2 styles. You've got to check them out because they are awesome!

Finally, let's direct you over to Our friends from Heads Lifestyle, as they present GATEWAY TO THE ETHER with Brent Rademaker and the exclusive premiere of the GospelbeacH "It's Too Late" video. What is Gateway to the Ether, you ask?? It is a trippy, funky, fun and beautiful playlist, where Brent Rademaker eats an edible and lets the gummies do the DJing. Yeah, it's THAT good.

Check the playlist, and the video, here:

Alright, it's getting late, and I really just want to hit <SEND> on this email now, because we're so excited to get the news out to you.
So I'm gonna do just that!

Smiling is my favorite!

~~ Love to you all ~~
~~ The Curation Records Family ~~


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