Curation, Gospel, and Strange Days Baby!

· By Brent Rademaker

Curation, Gospel, and Strange Days Baby!

Dear friends,

These are STRANGE DAYS BABY...I think we can all agree on that!
    As we approach the one year anniversary of Curation Records I can honestly say that despite the odds we have grown beyond my expectations and I'm overwhelmed at the reception of the label and our first release. Pacific Range deserves so much credit for making an album that brings everyone from many different places together. Thank you for embracing them and Curation. Look for the new US pressing and cassette announcement soon as well as our upcoming release schedule.
    This year has been challenging but we somehow managed to keep our hearts and heads in the right place and grow...we have satellite hubs in Sweden and England making it easier to get records to your friends outside of the USA. Welcome Kim "Woody West" and Michael "Ringo" Harrison to the family. We appreciate everyone's patience while we put the pieces in place for what I like to call CurEuro. There's news of a worldwide distribution partnership that we cannot wait to share with you as well!!
    Curation is my dream records label. I wanted to treat everyone the way that I would want to be treated...the artists, the patrons, the audience, the manufacturers and the many creative people we work with from day to's super important to me as it is to Kellie, Matt C, Brian H... without the family working together it's not Curation. (special thanks to Sophie C, Jon S and "Kid Bearded" Brian) 
    Another dream is to be able to bring you recordings that otherwise may not see the light of ONCE UPON A TIME IN LONDON by GospelbeacH (what's the fun of having a label if I can't release my own stuff, ha ha?)
    This is our very first CUREDIGI release (digital album) and it's very special as it not only celebrates our dear friend Neal Casal but it was recorded on one of the very last nights of live music before the Covid-shutdown at our favorite English pub, The Betsey Trotwood. Our Curation digital music page managed by Brian Hahne will be home to more live and rare recordings. (not everything can come out on vinyl these days...the resources and the time are way too precious) the music must be shared though and we will offer something special physically with every release. This one comes with a cool newsprint poster hand illustrated by Christophe Marchal and it honors our dear Neal. It is in the store now for pre-order and will be fully available at midnight tonight!
    Again we thank you so much for sharing your lives with us on social media it's so important to me that we communicate openly and continue to bring people TOGETHER...there's so much more to come, more inclusiveness and MORE MUSIC!
Sending good vibes and gratitude,
Brent 7/2/2020



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