August Updates From Curation Records

· By Brent Rademaker

August Updates From Curation Records

Hey everyone!

It feels like a good time to share some good Curation news with you...

The debut solo album by Trevor Beld Jimenez is officially in the works and slated for release before the end of the year. Recorded at Mono Deluxe Los Feliz by Jonny Niemann.

Trevor is a native of Southern California, his groups Tall Tales & the Silver Lining and Parting Lines made waves on the LA scene as well as his songwriting for Pearl Charles and GospelbeacH. This album is a songwriting tour de force and a work of studio craftsmanship including many outstanding performances from our talented pool of friends here in Curation Country.
A good way to introduce many of you to him would be to share that Trevor and Neal Casal shared a friendship and a deep love of Jackson Browne. Neal was slated to play guitar on the album and although his guitar never made it on the record his spirit did.
It was through Neal that Bob Glaub ended up playing bass on the album...Bob is on many of Neals albums as well as Henley, Dylan, Zevon, Ronstadt, Nicks etc... good credentials and good references if your curious about the sound...Trevor grew up on Southern California radio, proudly!

There’s so much more to share about this record and we will but for now I wanted to express my excitement and pure joy as the record is being mastered @goldenmastering
We are truly blessed with another great artist and record as well as wonderful friends to share it with...that’s you!

In addition, our friends at @stoughtonprinting have delivered the beautiful @pacificrange second vinyl pressing of High Upon The Mountain with RAINBOW gatefold covers.
For everyone who reserved their copy we are still on track to ship later this month!
Thank you and thanks to our good friends at Stoughton Printing!
@ Stoughton Printing Co.


Photo of TBJ by @emily_badgley


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