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Blone Noble

Weapon Of Love

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Noble is the nom de plume of Los Angeles—based songwriter, Pat Salway. Channeling the synth-heavy sounds of late 70s Berlin, Salway is crafting his own brand of glam/new wave adjacent rock n’ roll (with guitars decidedly absent) that he calls “doomsday disco;” fitting anthems 

for the desperate and paranoid times in which we live. 

The first single “Weapon Of Love” out February 10th, 2023 via Curation Records touches on Giorgio Moroder’s “Knights In White Satin” vocal sound and is sprinkled with hints of Sparks’ “Number One Song In Heaven,” supported by a disco backbeat and piano straight off of Bowie’s “Station To Station.” 

Salway began recording as Blone Noble in 2021 alongside his wife Marlena on bass and highly regarded Chicago/Los Angeles session player Brendan Peleo-Lazar on drums. The trio cut basic tracks live at Figment Sounds in Toluca Lake with Rob Campanella (formerly of the Brian Jonestown Massacre) engineering and co-producing. Synth overdubs were recorded between Figment Sounds and Blone’s Hollywood Hills home (and former Theosophy temple library) Krotona of Old Hollywood. 

In 2022, Salway began performing live as Blone Noble in addition to brief stints playing in Young Guv and Cold Cave. 

Since 2014, Salway has been performing and releasing albums under the name Veneer via his own label Veneer Publications and the now-defunct Burger Records. He has long attributed his musical and lyrical inspiration to an entity called Blone Noble, who first came to him through a National Enquirer word jumble in 2010. After the drastic worldwide changes that occurred a decade later, the artist has decided now is the time to fully embrace the namesake of his occult muse and become fully realized as BLONE NOBLE. 


Blone Noble—vocals, piano, synthesizers


Brendan Peleo-Lazar—drums

Andy Campanella—percussion 

Recorded at Figment Sounds, Hollywood, CA

Engineered and Co-produced by Rob Campanella 

Written and produced by Blone Noble 

(P) Veneer Publications Blone