Second Summer - CD (7066643791954)


Second Summer - CD

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Second Summer - CD 
Produced by Dave Schools
Original Cover Art by Thomas Lynch III
As the spiritual overlord of Farmer Dave & The Wizards Of The West, multi instrumentalist and singer Farmer Dave Scher has been a valiant keeper of the West Coast spirit within the Los Angeles alternative music scene since the '90s, covering everything from soft rock and psychedelia to cosmic country and free spirit jazz via indie pop and classic LA-rock, much like a Ventura version of Dr John. 

Together with his magic fellows in Farmer Dave & The Wizards Of The West, this modern counterculture collective took their followers and music critics by storm with the self-titled debut (aka FDWOW) upon it's release bringing hope and joy during the apocalyptic times of early 2021. Among these wizards you will find the duel guitar attack of longtime friend and collaborator Benji Knight and the twangy swamp blues meets cosmic psychedelia of Katie Skene, with longtime California folk/americana artist Lauren Barth laying down the spellbinding grooves next to the repetitive rhythms from the surfing spirit Chad Marshall. 

As a core member core of Beachwood Sparks, the Southern California native Farmer Dave first made his mark with the influential Los Angeles indie pop group known for fusing sunny Laurel Canyon psychedelia with the country-rock influences of bands like the Byrds and Buffalo Springfield in the late nineties, early 2000s. Soon after the Beachwood Sparks hiatus he co-founded the duo All Night Radio with Jimi Hey, whose debut album 'Spirit Stereo Frequency' is regarded as a modern psych-rock classic. A few years as a much sort after session player known for his original and free spirited musicianship and skill on pedal steel and keyboards led him to collaborations,  recordings and shows with artists like Jenny Lewis, Kurt Vile, The Skiffle Players, Interpol, Chris Robinson, Vetiver, Cass McCombs and Father John Misty. 

After the equal adventurous solo album 'Flash Forward to the Good Times', a success comeback classic with the Beachwood Sparks reunion for 'Tarnished Gold' and the brotherhood band of The Skiffle Players (feat Cass McCombs, Neal Casal, Dan Horne and Aaron Sperske) our fearless friend founded Farmer Dave & The Wizards Of The West. 

Now ready for chapter two the fellowship of FDWOW the group went on a tribal mission produced by jam-band guru Dave Schools (Widespread Panic) for upcoming album 'Second Summer'. Lead-off single 'OHANA' is the story of family, true love, destiny, visionary plant medicines and the path that leads us home, accompanied by the most gorgeous warm rock video of the summer. Follow-up single 'High Line' will make an immediate impact with it's rolling waves of rhythms, mesmerizing melodies, thunderous chorus and hypnotic grooves. All along, 'God On The Freeway' and 'Wild Tenderness' songs make way for Second Summer to take into the magical world of Farmer Dave & The Wizards Of The West.