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  2. Ohana (6894716682322)

Farmer Dave & the Wizards of the West


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Farmer Dave and the Wizards of the West

“OHANA” is the lead-off single from SECOND SUMMER, the new album by FARMER DAVE & The WIZARDS OF THE WEST.

Produced by jam-band guru Dave Schools, “Ohana” is the story of FAMILY, TRUE LOVE, DESTINY,

Visionary Plant Medicines,and the path that leads us home.

  Farmer Dave and the Wizards of the West combine classic California surf soul with neo Psicodelia and electronic dance music for a hypnotic, Cosmic, uplifting, and profoundly groovy situation.  “Ohana” speaks to humanity’s soul-level connection to the Earth and cosmos with an earnestness that hearkens back to Harvest-era Neil Young and a meta-trippiness reminiscent of Kurt Vile (whom Scher frequently accompanies musically). Farmer Dave Scher is a renowned Southern California musician known for playing with Elvis Costello, Interpol, alternative Sub Pop country darlings Beachwood Sparks (founding member), Cass Mccombs, Jenny Lewis, Animal Collective, and many others. This fall, Farmer Dave & WOW will release their album, Second Summer on Curation records. Love and join the Ohana with Farmer Dave and crew!