1. High Life - Vinyl (7218412388434)
  2. High Life - Vinyl (7218412388434)

Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes

High Life - Vinyl

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Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes
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Classic Black  
Translucent Yellow 
A Ltd. vinyl EXCLUSIVE from Curation Records
We are so excited to bring you this VINYL EXCLUSIVE from my friend and neighbor Daniel Ellsworth... fans of Phoenix, Spoon and Portugal The Man are gonna dig this like I do! Daniel has done a remix for the new Beachwood Sparks too!  - BRENT CURATION RECORDS
“At the juncture of electro-pop, indie-rock, and pure funkiness, the group creates music with swagger, mindfulness, and an irrefutable spark that can set any night on fire.”— ONES TO WATCH
Strange days have found us. For indie rock trio, Daniel Ellsworth + The Great Lakes, they know that all too well. Formed in Nashville but now peppered across the country, connected by satellite, fibers, and vibes, the band is known for their high-energy live performances, introspective lyrics, and a touch of something familiar that you can’t quite pin down every time you hear it. If they’re not riding in a silver Ford Econoline, headed to other cities and other Chicagos, you’ll find them holed up, writing songs, and on-edge – looking to create the next thing, bearing honest witness to all things human, or flipping a record over. Wise Lost Boys with a conscience, but still a thirsty, boyish spark. That is Daniel Ellsworth (lead vox, keys), Timon Lance (guitar), and Marshall Skinner (bass). A silky, organic monster made from the remnants of pop swagger, sunglasses, self-aware grown-up realism, road trips, anxiety, and just plain, pounding fun.

It began in 2011 with their debut album, Civilized Man, recorded and co-produced with the talented Mark Nevers (Andrew Bird, Yo La Tengo, Lambchop), marking their initiation into captivating rhythms and sophisticated melodies, yet retaining a pop charm. This album secured a place in Amazon's top 100 albums of 2011, with its single "Shoe Fits" launching at number seven on Amazon’s top 100 songs the same year. DE+TGL’s follow-up album, Kid Tiger, recorded at Sputnik Sound in Nashville by the iconic Vance Powell (Jack White, Chris Stapleton, The Raconteurs), was released in 2014. Their potential was recognized when Esquire Magazine named DE+TGL among the 15 Bands to Watch that same year. Kid Tiger was followed by the Bemidji EP in 2016, also recorded with Powell.

Two years later, a period of transformation saw the birth of their acclaimed Fashion album in 2018. The direct and punchy record evolved throughout the writing process and was crafted at Nashville's Elephant Lady Studios with the help of indie-pop connoisseur, Kyle Andrews. DE+TGL was already no stranger to building big sounds, but this album took that tendency even further. The scope, the sweep, and the height of the sonic space they could reach being stretched more and more – as if it were a scientific experiment in how captivating, euphoric, and pounding pop can be.

2019 ushered in a fresh era as the band released a burst of heavy self-produced singles, including the pulsating “Way You Are (ft. Ruby Amanfu).”

Now it’s 2024, and DE+TGL is back with High Life – a record written throughout 2019-2022 and recorded in Los Angeles, CA, engineered, co-produced, and mixed by Justin Glasco (known for work with Paris Paloma, Brett Dennen, The Lone Bellow). It’s an existential 7 song journey about change, resistance, love, regret, and recognition of our shared humanity. “We’re figuring out what this era of the band is” says lead singer Daniel Ellsworth. “With three of us now, we’re shifting how we write, how we record, and feeling more free than we ever have to experiment with what those processes look like.” Set for release on February 16, 2024, it’s a new record for a new chapter. No regrets, just the high life.