Sandbox Sessions (6665046655058)

Beachwood Sparks

Sandbox Session 12”

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Beachwood Sparks - Sandbox Sessions 

Limited 3-Song 12" shipping now!!

Ltd to 500 copies worldwide including retail. It’s a special limited record to honor and close out our 20th Anniversary Beachwood Sparks celebration. Thank you.

3 UNRELEASED studio recordings featuring Josh Schwartz, Aaron Sperske, Brent Rademaker, Chris Gunst, Farmer Dave Scher & Pete "Sleigher" Kinne. Recorded by Rick Parker at The Sandbox Studios before the band recorded their debut album. Rick Parker had produced the debut single "Desert Skies & Make It Together" in 1998. BwS returned to record with Parker just before Schwartz’s departure of the group.  These are among the rarest recordings of that era of the band. Josh’s songwriting and guitar playing were in top form, the discovery of these tapes was a true blessing…
"123,123" is an epic 6 1/2 minute tune with Country Girl vibes (Josh Schwartz composition). "Time" is a sweet slice of melancholy west-coast jangle rock that was a live show favorite. "Canyon Ride" is a straight-ahead honest version of the very first Beachwood signature song. ALL three songs are UNHEARD and previously UNRELEASED...until now! A perfect way to close the 20th Anniversary with Sleighers tambourine jangling throughout the record.