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The Evening Sons


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The Evening Sons debut LP tracks on classic black vinyl.

BAND BIO---Formed on Brighton beach over a mutual appreciation of Big Star and Cheap Trick, The Evening Sons wear their powerpop credentials like a badge of honor; crunchy barre chords, big choruses and multi-layered harmonies hark back to those halcyon days when 3-minute songs ruled the world. Their forthcoming debut album ‘Tracks' is a paean to endless summers, infatuation, falling in love, friendship, frustration, excitement, fun and the fucking joy of being alive with all of its ultimate possibilities. The book on Teenage Symphonies to God just got a new entry in the powerpop section. 

“The sun shines just as hard on Brighton as it does on Malibu Beach... look no further for proof than The Evening Sons. Celebrating being all bummed out in the sun with guitars set to stun! Slack-core is back in a rad new t-shirt!” - Brent Rademaker (Beachwood Sparks, GospelbeacH, Curation Records)