FDWOW Silver Dreams Bundle (6537712894034)


FDWOW Silver Dreams Bundle

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* New premium pressing from our partners at Spinroad Vinyl Factory in Gothenburg Sweden on beautiful silver wax in "Old Style" "Smart Sleeve" "Tip-On" on heavy quality color jackets w/ updated limited artwork Ltd.to 50 Bundles
* Exclusive FDWOW CD 
* 11x17 FDWOW Ltd. glossy poster
* 1.75" limited acrylic FDWOW pin (bundle only item)
***SHIPS LATE MARCH/EARLY APRIL depending on the world events.
HERE IT IS!! The debut LP from Farmer Dave and the Wizards Of The West recorded in Venice California between surf sessions, sound baths, sacred nation ceremonies and the goodwill that Farmer Dave and Ben Knight seem to spread wherever they may roam.